This Project has Three Missions

1. ReValue America
   Self. Marriage. Family. Community.
         ** Cover the land with a message of renewal and freedom
               through multiple lecture tours

2. TJEd Family Library
       ** Place Thomas Jefferson Education Libraries
             into 1 Million American homes.

3. You Are Not Alone: Transformational Support
       ** Provide extensive follow-up and support to facilitate
            the application of the TJED principles in millions of
             homes across the nation.

The Message:
“Only a few lifetimes ago things were very different in the United States. Originality and variety were common currency; our freedom from regimentation made us the miracle of the world; social-class boundaries were relatively easy to cross; we were something special, we Americans, all by ourselves, without government sticking its nose into our lives, without institutions and social agencies telling us how to think and feel. Were the colonists a breed apart from us? No; the truth is that they were the beneficiaries of a system of education that facilitated their natural genius. Today, we can apply the same principles and, like our forebears, meet the challenges of our time with character, competence and courage to triumph over the circumstances that imperil our freedom and prosperity. ReValue America is that message.

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