LICORICE Hiking Project #2 (1 week late)

Sorry guys!  I had some issues with my camera, so here are the photos (finally) from last week's hike up Flattop!  I have to say that Vicki was AMAZING in getting the walking sticks organized and made for the kids.  Most of them even brought their sticks to use during today's hike.  So fun! 

Power woman drilling the holes!
Sanding & Decorating the hiking sticks

The kids were attentive while Vicki taught about safety and survival while hiking

"The ants go marching one by one.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!"

We had a few in the group who practically RAN up the mountain! 
(They ran down as well!)
We made it! 
Check out the View! 

5 minutes of silent reflection time

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