LICORICE Hiking Project #3

This week we spontaneously split into two groups: The Hikers and The Naturalists! (thus, I don't know that I got pictures of everybody . . . I was with the naturalist group for the most part).

The kids had the task of placing waterform with the definition. 
We learned terms like tributary, delta, ocean, estuary, river, bay, and more.
Bateman Island is connected to the mainland by a man-made isthmus.

We could have spent the whole time down here by the water!

Sketching and reflection time.

We found a few naturalists in the group! 
Emma found some seed pods of milkweek plants and disected them.

Our STAR Litter Picker-Upper! 
Connor was spotting garbage from the very beginning! 
Good thing we brought some bags along.

To end, we found this beautiful meadow among the trees. 
Here I could catch a glimpse of the great friendships being forged! 

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